What Is Water Kefir and How To Make It

Water kefir is nature's method of making soda and by far, one of the healthiest and simplest to make at house.

Water Kefir

Exactly what is Water Kefir?

Water kefir is made from kefir grains, likewise understood as sugar grains, tibicos, tibi, or Japanese water crystals. The grains make up a cultures of different strains of healthy bacteria and yeast, held together in a polysaccharide matrix developed by the bacteria.

Water Kefir vs. Milk Kefir

There are 2 types of kefir grains-- milk and water kefir grains. Prior to making water kefir, I was making milk kefir utilizing raw cow's milk. Milk grains feed on the lactose in milk whereas water grains feed on sugar.

Health Benefits of Water Kefir

The health advantages of consuming water kefir are limitless. By consuming water kefir you will certainly bring balance to your internal microflora. Numerous individuals take a probiotic supplement daily for this specific factor however I choose to consume the water kefir.

Another health benefit of water kefir is that individuals who do not want to eat dairy products or have a vegan type diet plan might discover that water kefir offers the living probiotics without the requirement for dairy products or tea cultured items, like kombucha.Vegans likewise might want to understand that through the fermentation procedure kefir ends up being an exceptional source of vitamin B12, and is high in vitamins B1 and B6.

Diabetics, in specific, might considerably take advantage of drinking kefir. Because the completed item, if bottled, will certainly produce a carbonated drink, it offers an alternative to sweet soda beverages. Because sense, anybody from youngsters to grownups can take pleasure in water kefir guilt-free.

The best ways to Make Water Kefir

Making water kefir is incredibly simple and enjoyable. To assist show the procedure I have actually produced 2 video tutorials-- one on ways to make the standard water kefir dish, and the other on ways to make flavored water kefir. You can view them listed below.

The fermentation procedure

The active ingredients are in the container, you require to cover the top of the container with a fabric, paper towel or parchment paper held by elastic. This is so your kefir grains can breathe and to ensure absolutely nothing can infect them. Putting a tight cover might trigger the container to blow up due to the natural carbonation procedure happening.

Location the water kefir container on your counter away from direct sunshine. The kefir water must be all set in 24-48 hours. The kefir will certainly be sweet and light at 24 hours, and more tangy and acidic at 48 hours.

Ways to Make Flavored Water Kefir

Since you can tailor the taste to your taste, this is where the enjoyable part of making water kefir comes. Follow this steps:

  • After the preliminary batch of plain water kefir has actually fermented, drain the kefir water and set the grains aside for a brand-new batch.
  • Take the fermented kefir water and pour into a huge glass pitcher or a couple little pitchers, pending the number of tastes you 'd such as to make.
  • To each pitcher/jar include 1/4 cup of fruit juice or fresh fruit of your option. If you are making Strawberry Lemonade (as I have actually made in my video tutorial) make sure to puree the strawberries. It will certainly provide your kefir much richer taste.
  • Let the kefir ferment for another 24 hours. If you like more fizz to your drink, this time you can put a tight cover specifically.
  • In 24 hours you will certainly see color modification in your kefir as the taste of the fruit/juice is metabolized by the kefir grains. Taste your kefir to see if it's all set. Simply include a tablespoon of sugar if it's not sweet enough.
  • Take your last water kefir, pour over ice and take pleasure in!
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