Coconut Water Kefir

Coconut Water Kefir-- This immune improving fermented drink assists to develop great digestive tract health and teems with electrolytes. Consume daily with each dish for much better food digestion.

Coconut water kefir was one of the very first fermented drink I made at house. Coconut water kefir has numerous advantages consisting of much better food digestion and immune increasing homes.

coconut water kefir
Since I like the taste, I've been consuming coconut water for years for it's health advantages and! As soon as I found coconut water might be fermented into a healthy probiotic drink I needed to attempt it!

Coconut water kefir is the only fermented food my spouse will certainly consume regularly. It's really ended up being rather a costly treat given that I've slouched recently and began buying the bottles of Kevita from the organic food shop instead of making it.

I take pleasure in making fermented foods and beverages so I chose to obtain back on the kefir making train! I'm now making coconut water kefir once more and I'm finding out to make various tastes!

The best ways to Make Coconut Water Kefir

Active ingredients:

  • 1/4 cup kefir grains or water kefir starter
  • 6 cups young coconut water, fresh is finest however store-bought coconut water like this works too
  • 1/2 to 1 cup of juice (we such as lemon, tangerine, cherry and lime).


  1. Pour the water kefir grains and the coconut water in a container.
  2. Cover container with cheesecloth and an elastic band.
  3. Let the mix represent approximately 48 hours at space temperature level. , if your fermenting the kefir in a warm space the procedure might be quicker than 48 hours.
  4. Strain the coconut water kefir and reserve the grains for another batch of kefir.

Now it's time for a 2nd fermentation! This step makes your coconut water kefir carbonated!

  • Mix coconut kefir and juice together and pour into a tight-sealing bottle.
  • Enable the coconut kefir to ferment for as much as Two Days or till it's carbonated.

Shop your bottles of coconut water kefir in the fridge.
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