The Best Yogurts for Babies

Best Yogurts for Babies
Babies do not require any dairy products beyond mom's milk (or formula, if requirement be) up until they're 9-12 months old, at which point they might need protein from other sources. Some individuals do opt to present yogurt as early as 6 months, which is great too. Given that yogurt is cultured and includes probiotics, it's safe for babies over 6 months.

Plain, natural, entire milk yogurt is the very best option for infant, given that it has no extra sugar and the most dietary bang for mother's dollar. When I begin feeding Lucy yogurt (at some point in the next month or 2), it will certainly be a mix of these brand names, which I currently like and trust:

Stonyfield Farm YoBaby in Simply Plain. There's absolutely nothing baby-specific in this yogurt, however it comes in practical individual containers, which is good for on-the-go treats. 4 ounces is too huge of a serving for an infant, however it's a fantastic size for young children and older youngsters, and you can quickly conserve (cooled of course) what your child does not consume for a little later.

Straus Organic Plain Whole Milk Yogurt. One of my preferred brand names of dairy products, Straus produces a European design yogurt which is a little thinner and a bit more sour than the American plain yogurt you may be utilized to.

Brown Cow Cream Top Plain. This brand name is American Humane Certified, which suggests the cows who produce the milk for this yogurt are well-treated and sustainably raised. Brown Cow's flavored cream leading yogurts are quite appealing, however stick to their plain variation for your child.

Clover Organic Farms Cream on Top Plain. American Humane Certified, Clover's farms in Northern California provide dairy products cows an extremely pleased life-- which equates to a really tasty yogurt that you can feed your infant without sense of guilt.

right here are a handful of other business that produce terrific plain yogurt. If you do not discover these in your geographic area, pick the regional brand name you such as best-- as long as it's natural or sustainably produced, it'll be a healthy option for your infant.

Keep in mind-- these are all delicious, healthy yogurts for older children and grownups too!
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