Kefir: A Secret Healing Drink

I simply recently attempted kefir for the very first time in hopes of reinforcing my body immune system throughout this cold and flu period.

I had actually heard a lot about the advantages of this drinkable, fermented milk item, so I reluctantly provided it a shot.

Exactly what's In A Bottle

Many kefir nowadays is made from cow's milk, however in the past it might have been a mix of cow's milk, goat's milk, and kefir grains from previous cultures.

  • One cup of kefir is an exceptional source of calcium and vitamin D.
  • Lactose complimentary
  • Consists of anti-oxidants
  • Includes numerous probiotics that remain in the intestinal tracts, as well as produce healthier bacteria
  • Includes healthy yeasts which can assist to exterminate the unhealthy yeasts in the body
  • Includes a considerable quantity of sugar, however this is primarily from the milk itself.

Much better Than Yogurt?

The active ingredients reveal that kefir includes the very same active ingredients as yogurt. The only distinction is that kefir has various probiotics, aka helpful bacteria, than yogurt along with yeast cultures.

This makes the consistency thinner, and more "drinkable". In addition, the probiotics in yogurt do not colonize in the bowel, so we do not maintain the advantages after the preliminary impact.

It Tastes like Yogurt

Do not hesitate to attempt kefir if you like yogurt. It tastes precisely like yogurt, however is drinkable. It still had a thick consistency, however not thick enough to spoon-eat.

Consuming Kefir May Help:

  • Avoid yeast infections
  • Avoid arthritis
  • Lower or avoid GERD (Reflux Disease) from H. pylori
  • Boost body immune system
  • Lower allergies
  • Boost HDL cholesterol, and decrease LDL cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower threat for particular cancers like colorectal and bust
  • Enhance food digestion
  • Promote weight loss
  • Enhance bones
  • Enhance dental health

Concluding Thoughts

I have actually chosen to drink more kefir, and less yogurt. Far, it has actually allowed me reduce the period of a cold, and it tastes terrific! I will certainly still be consuming Greek yogurt on event, however this is my brand-new dairy products item of option.

How about you, have you attempted kefir?
Kefir: A Secret Healing Drink Rating: 4.5 Posted by: Paula Armand

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