Just what is the Finest Non-Fat Greek Yogurt?

Greek Yogurt is excellent when you are dieting or require something wonderful that is still higher in protein and low in calories. Stay clear of the brand names like Yoplait as they have way excessive sugar in them. It resembles having a candy bar's really worth of sugar when you consume a Yoplait yogurt, also their greek yogurt.

Greek Yogurt is strained yogurt. As opposed to being from Greece, it means that the whey has actually been taken out from the yogurt. This makes Greek Yogurt high in healthy protein and low in fat as the stressing procedure removes most of the sugars and fatty tissue in addition to the water.

Exactly how do the brands of Greek Yogurt differ in Healthy protein?

  • 18g healthy protein Chobani
  • 15g healthy protein Fage
  • 15g protein Oikos
  • 15g protein Dannon

How do they vary in calories?

  • 80 calories Oikos
  • 80 calories Dannon
  • 90 calories Fage
  • 100 calories Chobani

Just how do they vary in sweets? Almost all refined food is sweetened to abnormally higher levels. Stay clear of the Yoplait 2X Greek Yogurt consequently. It has over 20g of sugar in it.

  • 6g sugar Oikos
  • 6g sugar Dannon
  • 7g sweets Chobani
  • 7g sugar Fage

What about product packaging? The Fage Greek Yogurt features a little piece of paper on the best and under the alfoil lid. This seems to quit water or oil pooling up and is a great packing touch.

It is difficult to go incorrect with the non-fat brands of Oikos, Fage, Chobani and Dannon. They are all higher in healthy protein, without low and body fat in sugar material and hence calories. If Greek Yogurt is as well tart, you can sweeten it a little by including some fruit, raisins or fatty tissue free jam/jelly.
Fage yogurt is a small amount thicker than Chobani.
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