Gluten-Free Yogurt

Which Brands of Yogurt Are Gluten-Free?

gluten free yogurt
Plain yogurt is made with milk that's been fermented with pleasant bacteria till it thickens and develops an appetizing preference. In its pure kind, natural yogurt is gluten-free, and you could enjoy it on the gluten-free diet presuming you're not additionally avoiding milk items.

Nonetheless, the flavorings and sweeteners utilized in commercially readily available natural yogurt aren't consistently gluten-free. On top of that, even plain yogurt you buy in shops can be subject to gluten cross-contamination that makes it unsafe for those of us with celiac illness and gluten sensitivity.

Below's the list of yogurt brands that are typically offered in the U.S., plus exactly what each maker needs to say regarding whether the natural yogurt is gluten-free or not.

  • Cabot yogurt. My fridge typically includes Cabot cheese (which we've discovered is risk-free also for the really sensitive), and I was kindlied to uncover the Vermont-based business additionally produces Greek-style natural yogurt in 7 different tastes, consisting of vanilla, blueberry and level grain. The firm specifies that "all of Cabot's products are gluten-free. Any type of and all substances, anti-caking representatives, and so on are looked into and validated to be gluten-free.".
  • Chobani yogurt. Chobani provides simple thick Greek yogurt, plus an assortment of different flavors varying from the basics (strawberry and vanilla) to more appealing varieties (Blood Orange and Vanilla Chocolate Piece). Baseding on the business, "all assortments of our Greek Natural yogurt are naturally gluten-free, meanings that they consist of no rye, barley, or wheat or various other gluten-containing thickeners, gelatins, stabilizers." Chobani yogurt is approved gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Credentials Organization (GFCO), which tests items to ensure they have fewer compared to 10 components per countless gluten.
  • Dannon yogurt. Dannon offers a big selection of tastes and designs of natural yogurt. The exact same statement uses to Oikos Greek yogurt, considering that it's made by Dannon.
  • Fage yogurt. Greek yogurt maker Fage provides those split cups with fruit or a honey-based covering on one side and natural yogurt on the various other. All tastes are considered gluten-free, baseding on the firm.
  • Stonyfield Farm. Stonyfield Farms makes natural yogurt and healthy smoothies, plus Oikos natural Greek yogurt. It additionally makes YoBaby natural yogurt items and soy natural yogurt for those who stay away from dairy product along with gluten.
  • Voskos yogurt. Voskos, another brand of Greek-style thick natural yogurt, says its yogurt is gluten-free. Voskos followers must beware of the Voskos Plus Granola tastes, which most definitely are not gluten-free (the granola has entire rolled wheat as its very first ingredient).
  • Yoplait yogurt. Especially, the gluten-free parfaits with granola are not gluten-free (they consist of routine cereals and barley malt). If you have children, GoGurt and Trix both are Yoplait products, and there are several of both on the GlutenFreely gluten-free list.

In addition to these national brand names, the majority of grocery shops also carry their own "personal tag" brands. To identify if these are considered safe or otherwise on the gluten-free diet, you'll have to ask the shop â numerous provide gluten-free lists of products.

Equally as with routine yogurt, lots of brand names and tastes of frozen yogurt are risk-free. However, some are not. My gluten-free ice cream short article offers some specifics on frozen yogurt you could buy forthcoming.

Ultimately, if you appreciate pursuing frozen yogurt, my short article Gluten-Free Frozen Yogurt explains just what you can appreciate safely and just what you should prevent.
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